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Tiffnee Wiens
Prince Rupert, B.C.

Hi, my name is Tiffnee and I am from Prince Rupert, British Columbia. I made the decision to attend the Brent Morrison Golf Academy to take my game to the next level. I have plans to attend a college or university in the United States on a golf scholarship and I needed a stronger foundation and a better understanding of my swing. My goal is to take my game to the highest competitive level that I can achieve. I would also like to become a Teaching Professional.

I arrived in Qualicum Beach in August and Janie had set me up with a homestay when I came for an interview earlier in the year. I found that I was not comfortable at this house and when I said something to Janie she immediately moved me and I was placed in the home I am at now. I have been treated with the utmost respect by everyone and been made to feel at home both at the homestay and at Glengarry.

The past five months have flown by, as I am busy every day. The program here has given me a well-rounded approach to golf. With Scotty at the Oceanside Physiotherapy Center I am working hard on developing the muscles that enable me to have the best swing I can produce. The PowerYoga with Penny McGuire has given me more flexibility and peace of mind. Working with Maureen Noble-Kilback, I have gained a better understanding of the foods that will help me and when to eat them. The Personal Excellence with Anne Sands has allowed me to focus, keep my perspective, forget the bad shot and not repeat.

Brent Morrison has taken my game to the next level. I now know when I am hitting thin or fat, what is causing this to happen and how to correct it, as I understand my golf swing. My putting stroke was evaluated, and a heel-toe weighted putter was recommended. I have since changed my existing face-balanced putter and my putting has improved. Once my swing had changed I was fitted again for clubs and I have changed irons. At the moment my driver and woods are fine. My ball flight is higher with greater distance and increased accuracy.

What I really enjoy about Brent Morrison Golf Academy at Glengarry is the freedom that you have for practicing. With the new practice facility there is a private teaching area for academy students at the back, large putting greens and varied sand traps and pitching greens I have the perfect place to practice the many shots I would encounter on the course.

Since September I have been working hard on my game and am looking forward to playing tournaments this spring. The best part is that I still have time to fine-tune my game!

Everyone at the Brent Morrison Golf Academy at Glengarry Golf Links has been a part of my improvement and they have a great staff. Thank you!

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