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Kylie Frederick
Parksville, B.C., Canada

Hello, my name is Kylie Frederick, I'm 15 years old and I'm a student in the Collegiate Golf Prep. Program at the Brent Morrison Golf Academy. It has been a great eight months and I have met so many new people and learned a lot about my game. I am attending the Academy because I absolutely love golf and I want to take my game to a new level and with the help of Brent and Brandon I believe that I can achieve this goal.

The Brent Morrison Golf Academy is by far the coolest thing I have ever attended in my entire life. This program really helps you focus on the goals you are trying to achieve, plus it also is very fun and I believe in order to learn, you should add fun into the mix. This Academy has really helped me with my game. I used to shoot 82 from the junior tees. Now I can shoot 74 from the men's tees and to me that is a huge accomplishment. Right now I am working on my swing and short game. With my swing I am learning how to release the club on plane so I can hit the ball square and make it go to my destined target. For short game I'm learning a whole bunch of different kinds of chips. From the bunker, to bump and runs to flop shots, I am learning them all and how to release them and it is quite an exhilarating experience!

This Academy would not be the same if it didn't have one of the best teachers in the world. Brent Morrison is by far the most incredible person I have ever met in my entire life. He is so smart and good at what he does. He's my Dawg; I call him that and it's actually funny because now he is starting to call me that too! One of us will hit a good shot and we will clank our knuckles together and say "Nice shot, dawg!"; it's great! He is a very good instructor, I can tell him anything, whether it's a question or just a joke and I can be myself around him; he's definitely what I would call a friend. I'm glad he decided to come to Glengarry because it's my home course in my hometown area and I love that I get to learn not too far from home.

Of course I can't forget Brandon. He is also a very excellent instructor; he helps me a lot with my short game and also the mental aspect of my game. He's got a great sense of humour, which is good because while he's teaching me we can laugh and have fun. I call him "Brando", that's his nickname (you might have noticed I enjoy giving people nicknames). Brandon is very smart and you can ask him or Brent anything and they will give you an honest answer. I'm glad I met both of them.

I have some long-term goals that I hope to accomplish. I plan to get my game to a top-notch level, and also keep my academic grades up so that I can get a scholarship and get into a good university in the states and play golf there (and of course take some classes so I can maybe get a degree in something). After university I plan to turn pro, so LPGA watch out!

All in all it's a good academy, great people and a load of fun. I'm glad my parents bought me clubs when I was seven or else I might not be where I am today, so thanks to them and everyone else who believes in me. I hope I can achieve all of my goals and I will continue to work as hard as I can to make my dreams come true.

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