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Jeffrey Hunter
Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada

My name is Jeffrey Hunter and I'm from Whitehorse, Yukon (for the geographically unconversant, it is beside Alaska, in Canada). I don't live in an igloo, I don't have a polar bear as a pet and, no, I don't live in eternal darkness. I've been playing competitive golf since I was 13, but have only been able to play in a short season due to where I live. I used to be a competitive snowboarder and hockey player as well, and then I decided to see where golf would take me. So I turned to Brent's high school program.

attended the Brent Morrison Golf Academy during grade 11 and 12, and am currently attending Lindenwood University in St. Charles, Missouri on a golf scholarship.

Since the start, Brent has taken me under his wing. He has revamped my golf swing and has given me a greater outlook on the game. Brent changed my swing from the ol' PDQ swing to a more controlled, consistent, compact swing. I have spent hours at the practice facility with my arms tied up like an escaped convict, making sure my body acted in one motion. It's great now! I can take a month or so off of golf and the first day back, without too much warm up, I can still shoot par. I have played in the Canadian Amateurs and won the qualifier to play in the 2004 World Junior Optimist, although I had to opt out because of a severe blood clot.

What is especially nice about Brent's teaching is that he is a well-rounded athlete himself. He's not the typical pro who is good at golf, but can't play hockey, or any other sport. This, in turn, has made me understand the golf swing through comparison of different sports. I have a hard time always listening to "your elbow should be at a 79.6 degree angle to the ground." All that does is make my head spin and lose focus. Brent compared the balance and stability of snowboarding to make me have a much more solid foundation and quiet my lower body movements. He's so knowledgeable of the game and can adapt this knowledge to suit the student's individual learning style. Brent's also an excellent player and you can learn so much just by watching him play.

It's not just the technical aspect he's good at. He's a compassionate man and has helped me through some tough times on and off the course, making my presence there more enjoyable and in turn allowing me to play some solid golf. Brent also has access to seemingly unlimited amounts of teaching aids and golf equipment, a complete practice facility and great teachers and support staff working with him.

Whether your swing looks like you're chopping wood or you are a golfer who wants to see where the game can take you, I recommend Brent for the job. This man has dedication and has undergone major sacrifices to be where he is right now. He's a great role model and an excellent teacher.

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