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César Coello

After 5 years of playing as a professional on several international tours, I have had the pleasure of working with a few great golf coaches. From each of them I have learned a lot and they have helped me improve my game, but working with Brent has been a definite eye opener. His technical knowledge of the golf swing is impressive, but what I truly admire is his ability to identify and communicate the precise area of my game that needs improvement. He has lead me in the right direction without ever having me work needlessly or in a confused manner and I have always seen direct results. The goals that we set out to achieve with my game have all been met and I believe that, with his guidance and support, I will reach the top level of golf sooner than expected.

I recommend to anyone interested in improving their golf game to meet with Brent, regardless of your skill and level of play. He will make you enjoy the game more than ever.

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