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Jason Giffin
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

My name is Jason Giffin and I'm from Halifax, Nova Scotia. I hit my first golf ball when my Grandfather took me to the driving range at the age of nine. Around the age of fourteen I started playing more seriously entering junior tournaments throughout the summer.

For my grade ten year with the support of my parents I decided to go to a golf prep school in Tampa, Florida. I went there for all of my grade ten school year along with the seconded half of my grade eleven school year. During my time in Tampa I learned many things about golf, and life. Being that far away from home at such a young age made me mature at an early age. I learned that hard work; perseverance and optimism are three of the most common traits in successful people. And for myself to succeed I had to adopt these traits.

For my grade twelve year I decided to come to the Brent Morrison Golf Academy. This decision was not easy for many reasons. I really liked my golf coach in Tampa, and respected him tremendously. But there were some downfalls to the academy in Tampa, excluding the golf side of the academy; there was a feeling of being just another number out of the hundred and fifty or so students that attended this academy. After researching other schools of the same nature where I could get excellent golf coaching along with and education, I ended up phoning Brent. Immediately I could tell that Brent was a very intelligent person who truly had a passion for teaching, not only the golf swing, but how to be successful individuals in general. After talking with Brent on the phone on a few different occasions, I decided that I would like to attend the Brent Morrison Golf Academy.

I had never visited the Brent Morrison Golf Academy, but I was not disappointed by any means. The program is very personalized, from the golf, to the gym, to learning how to eat correctly the coaches are very involved and love what they do. Brent is a great teacher and is very knowledgeable. He is always willing to help in any way he can and is very giving of his time. I cannot count the amount of times I would just stop by his office and he would be in the middle of something, but still find time to sit and talk about University, golf, or the mental game. Brandon (a.k.a. "Quagmire") is also very passionate about teaching and the mental aspects of the game of golf. He is always willing to sit down and talk to you about golf, or anything else. I'm amazed by the amount of personalized attention that Brent and Brandon seem to give to each student considering their very demanding schedules. I could not ask for two better coaches.

While attending the Brent Morrison Golf Academy I have learned much more then I could write here. I feel that I have more knowledge of my golf swing and that I am more capable of diagnosing my own faults in my swing then I was when I first arrived. Also one of the key things that sticks out in my mind that I have learned here is that to be successful in whatever you do, one has to surround themselves with a team of people that have the knowledge and capabilities to push them forward. I believe that at the Brent Morrison Golf Academy we are fortunate enough to be surrounded by a team of people that will push us forward as far as we want to go. I highly recommend this program to anyone who seriously wants to improve their golf and learn a lot about life along the way.

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