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Dylan Cann
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

My name is Dylan Cann and I am 18 years old. I am originally from Calgary but moved to Qualicum Beach to attend the Brent Morrison Golf Academy for 2005-06 and 2006-07 school years. I was privileged to stay with Dave and Jayne Willie in the homestay program. Living with them made me very comfortable; I felt like I was living right back at home. Altogether moving to the island and being part of the Academy has helped me mature in both life and my golf game.

When I first came to Brent I had very little tournament experience. My golf swing wasn't the greatest and I was not too sure what I was getting myself into. After the first couple of weeks at the Academy I could tell I was going to fit in with the instructors, homestay and the rest of the students. The first three or four months of the program were difficult as I was going through big swing changes, but the coaches kept reminding me that you have to get worse before you can get better. My short game has improved the most over the past two years; the Academy has a great short game practice area.

My golf swing has changed dramatically over the past two years. Before I came to the Academy I had a dead shut club face with my hands too low, causing my hands to be stuck behind my body in the downswing. Being stuck caused my body to compensate for my mistakes, making me more inconsistent. The first thing I worked on was getting my clubface square at the top and eventually my body actions would change to a square clubface instead of a closed clubface. This was the toughest part in my swing change; it took many months, but in the end it was worth it. Once my clubface was square I could adjust my hands to the proper position at the top. My problem was my hands being too low, which still led me to getting stuck on the downswing. By simply adjusting my hands to a higher position it gave me more room.

I am currently pursuing University scholarships. Attending Brent's Academy was the opportunity of a lifetime and it was the best two years of my life. The only tournament I played in before I came to Brent was my club championships. This year I was able to play in the Provincial Juniors, Amateurs, and the Canadian Juniors.

The Brent Morrison Golf Academy is a great place to learn, if it's on the course, in the gym, with nutrition, or with Human Performance Consultant, Doug Swanson. Doug has helped me with both golf skills and life skills. One thing you are guaranteed to learn at the academy is F(focus).I(imagery).R(relaxation).S(self-talk).T(training) - it will help you with every golf swing! Being at Brent's Academy has helped develop my life skills more than anything, it has taught me how to communicate with people, and have a positive outlook. It was fun and rewarding.

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