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Adam Zabrodski
Calgary, Alberta

The past two and a half months have gone by so fast that it's hard to find where all the time has gone. From the moment we got here, it seems that we have been working exceptionally hard. Of course, this increased workload has been made much easier with all the help we have been receiving with our eating habits, physical conditioning programs, and of course our self empowering psychology sessions.

Life has certainly been an adjustment from my home town of Calgary, so I can only imagine the changes that the international students are dealing with.

The weather here has been quite rainy in my opinion, yet Brent has ignored my repeated pleas to relocate to Arizona. After a recent trip back to Calgary with all the snow, I'm quite confident that I will never complain about the weather ever again. Despite the rain and the bitter cold, we students are adapting readily, with a solid wardrobe of gloves, toques, and liberal amounts of enthusiasm. All these are essentials although Brent has enough of everything to share.

The golf and going to the gym were very similar to what I expected: lots of work which requires plenty of focus. The biggest shock personally, was the introduction of weekly yoga sessions. It is inherently obvious that those who think yoga is a sissy activity have never tried it. Working out at the gym is not nearly as tough as yoga is in my opinion. Not only have we learned about our golf swings, but also how to eat and think right. Nutrition and psychology are very useful, and much more entertaining than I had imagined. It is very apparent that everyone in the academy has vastly improved since the sunny days of September. It has been the combined effort of all the work we do on the range, in the gym, and the nutrition and psychology which has led us to this point. I am anticipating playing in all the tournaments after Christmas as well.

Qualicum Beach is a unique place, and the high school has been very welcoming to the golf academy, like allowing us to take some time off to teach some children how to play golf. That has had more of an effect than leaving home. Teaching gives you a better understanding of your own golf game, and exponentially increases the respect you have for your old elementary school teachers. I will personally endorse any raise that is requested by any teacher.

These past few months have really been a great learning experience, whether it is fitness, food or golf. It has given me great insight into life in general and exposed me to all different sorts of people that I would probably never meet outside of here. It has been very rewarding receiving the benefits of all the hard work I have put into my golf swing and into my fitness. It has only been two months and there are still 8 to go, which lets me think of how good I can get come the end of the school year! So far it had been very enjoyable, and I look forward to continuing into the New Year and beyond.

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