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Karan Kakaria
New Delhi, India

My name is Karan Kakaria, I come from New Delhi India and I am 15 years of age. Coming from a country where golf is still on the rise it was not easy to get into the game but as I was fortunate to be among the lucky few who could enjoy this privelage I decided to take up the sport of Golf. Starting to play tournaments at the age of 14 ( 2 months after I started golf) , I was again lucky enough to taste success soon as I won 12 tournaments in the space of 6 months but to stay in the country was a "dead end" option as there wasn't a bright future for my generation due to the lack of competition at the international level.

Therefore I decided to come to the Brent Morrison Golf Academy as this ordered me to live a structured lifestlye where time management was the key. Ever since the beginning of my time here Brent worked with me on a personal basis which I found absolutely unique as it is almost impossible for a teacher to be communicating with his students on individual basis in a group learning enviroment. The three main areas Brent focuses on are the mental part , the physical part and the necessity of education in a student-athlete's career. As things started to roll in September it was easy training where the swing was monitored upon by the three professionals- Brent, Brandon and Gord - but the colder winter months to follow had a surprise or two for people like me who had a laid back approach when it came to golf being an athletic sport.

The intense training began in November as the winter seemed to set in and the amazing fitness team of Scotty and Tanja pushed all of us in order to get the best out of each individual. When the physical state of my body started improving I immediately started to feel a difference in my game as more body turn and core strength came into my play. It was unfortunate that I could not kick on and play many tournaments due to the load of school work which I had challenged to finish..But my game took major strides in the periods I worked with Brent.. Psychologically this year was one of the most challenging for me due to the various unwanted distractions being a part of my life but this is when I believe Brent played a major role as he backed me up in whatever path I wanted to take - no matter how impossible the task seemed.. The stay here was made special by the homestays I lived in as it was interesting to interact with people from different cultures..

All in all, an individual who is focused and realizes that golf is the path in life for them should visit the Brent Morrison Golf Academy as he and his great support system make the stay pleasant - as well as make you reach new places in the golf arena.

Thanking you for all your help... Hope to make you proud...

Brent's Note:
Karan Kakaria was a student at the Academy from September 2004 to June 2005. Not only did he make vast improvements in his golf during this time - he also completed almost 3 grades in school in the ten months he was here! Karan, thanks for your kind words - all of us at the Academy look forward to seeing you again soon!

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