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Three of us had a group lesson on August 24th, 2011 with Brent. He kindly donated it to an ice skating event, which was won by Susan Morriss from Uplands Golf Club.

I believe I was either a 21 or 22 handicap at the time. Since the lesson I have gone down to a 17, almost 16 handicap, shooting rounds at Cordova Bay of 86 and at Uplands in the high 80’s on a consistent basis. Because of this rapid improvement, I may win the most improved golfer at my club for the Tuesday ladies division. I was a 16 handicap 27 years ago, when I was much younger, so to reach my goal of returning to that handicap is absolutely thrilling and “fun”. Who knows, if I practice occasionally, that could even see me go down further.

I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful “one swing thought”, i.e. on the follow through bend my left elbow keeping the left arm close to the body, elbow pointing downward, which automatically makes me rotate, transfer my weight and hit the ball further, straighter, cleaner. In all the years with only a few lessons now and then, you are the only coach to plant a single thought to produce a better looking and more productive swing.

Besides having new woods, recently purchased, many of my playing partners and friends have asked why the sudden improvement and of course I mention that I had the wonderful opportunity of a group lesson with you, so don’t be surprised if some of our members, both men and ladies might be popping by or confirming lessons with you in the near future.

I am witnessing Susan’s progress , as well, as she benefits from the stiffer shaft – men’s senior flex hitting the ball straighter and further than I have seen her hit.

You are truly an excellent coach!

Thanks again, for your help – the next day at Arrowsmith I scored a 72!

Judy Cryderman,
Ladies Captain
Uplands Golf Club, Victoria B.C.

Competing as a Golf Professional I devote almost all of my time to improving my golf game. From the swing, short game, fitness, nutrition, and mental aspects there is much to learn and improve on. Brent understands all of these aspects. Before I started working with Brent I felt that I understood my golf swing quite well, but I felt that I needed the assistance of a coach.

I had a tough time finding a teacher who could help me until I began working with Brent. It was obvious to me that I was with the right instructor immediately. Brent's knowledge of the one and two plane swings and how they have different fundamentals was very impressive, but what really impressed me was how he could pick up on what I was doing so quickly. One or two little things and I was hitting the ball better than ever. As a Canadian Tour Professional it is my goal to reach the PGA Tour and with Brent’s assistance I believe I can make that dream become reality.

Brian Benedictson , Courtenay, B.C

Brent, has a unique ability to see what is going wrong in the golf swing, and to be able to explain it to the pupil, in a very easy to understand format. He leaves you at the end of the lesson, with only one thought and invariably has been able to correct the problem, and improve your swing.

I have introduced Brent to many of my friends, and all have had the same experience, and I would highly recommend him to golfers of all levels

Peter Ripper, Vancouver, BC

Thank you for all your help this year! When I started in February this year my goal was to get from an 18 handicap to a 10. Eight months later after 8 lessons I am an 11 handicap, with 4 months to go. My new goal is a 5! I enjoyed Leila's approach to teaching; not a lot of talk, just showed me some simple movements and made me work on them. Your practice facility is great and I appreciate the time you spent checking out my progress and keeping me on the right track. I will be back in the spring for more help in meeting my goals.

Dave Bryan, Qualicum Beach, BC

"My fourteen year old daughter attended a spring golf camp at the Brent Morrison Golf Academy on Vancouver Island. We found the organization and instruction provided by both Brent Morrison and Sean Richardson to be excellent. Emphasis was placed on both the physical and mental aspects of golf. The concepts of physical fitness and good eating habits as an integral part of achieving a high level of success in the game were successfully taught to the students. The individual assessment and instruction which she received was invaluable and has helped her to form a platform from which I can only believe her game will improve. The administrative side of the camp was well organized and the accommodation and hospitality excellent. I would have no hesitation in recommending this academy to any golfer who may wish to improve their game."

Dr A.P. Human, Kamloops BC

"Brent provides excellent hands on instruction in all aspects of the game, in an enjoyable relaxed setting. The most unique part of his program, however, is the swing video he analyzes and sends over the Internet. This allows you to review your major swing faults and corrections long after the lesson is forgotten, and the before and after images really remind you where you want to go again. A picture is worth a thousand words. I hope he continues to expand on this feature."

David Coupland, Nanaimo, BC

"I have made great improvements in my game. I would enthusiastically recommend your instructional methods."

Tony Rose, California

"I've played golf off and on for the past 25 years. During this period, I've had the occasional lesson but generally haven't pursued "professional" help because the lessons seem to quickly lose their effect. Only being able to play once a week or so, my ability to visualize the teaching points only lasted for a short time. Since taking an E-Lesson, my opinion of golf lessons has changed considerably. The use of video in my lesson was invaluable. Being able to instantly see the "good parts vs. the bad parts" and then review my "Before and After" images has allowed me to reinforce the changes I'm trying to incorporate into my swing even after extended periods away from the game. This lasting effect has enabled me to improve my swing and my handicap to the tune of more than four points - the first significant change in more than five years."

"Whether you're a serious player or just play occasionally, being able to review your lesson is a great innovation. I highly recommend an E-Lesson for anyone who is looking to improve their game."

Burke Martin (2 lessons and counting / -4 strokes and counting), Courtenay BC

"Having had lessons on various occasions over the years I have found that after a short period of time the important points are lost to me. I found that Brent kept things simple and focused on my principal swing faults. With the before and after images printed off the internet and now posted on my office wall it is easier for me to visually refer to the important points of technique. Certainly it has helped me straighten out my woods and irons making for consistently lower scores. I strongly recommend Brent Morrison's teaching method."

Bryan Wiggens, Nanaimo, BC

"In the past I have taken lessons on a sporadic basis and inevitably what the professional has told me is partially or totally forgotten a few days later. Brent's E-lessons get around this by providing me a visual image of my swing and specific notes from the pro on what I am doing wrong and how best to correct it. It is a wonderful service and has been very useful to me - especially as the pro that gave me the lesson is over 5000 miles away!"

A. Kimberley, Bermuda

"Having golfed "at it" for a few years, I took some lessons from Brent. He took me back to the basics, square one, and built me up from there. I particularly like the simple approach he has and the explanation of the mechanics involved. I have gone from a 24 to 16 handicap in seven months and look forward to his further instruction. I feel that Brent is a real asset to the golfing community."

Mike Finneron, Comox, BC

"E-lessons, in conjunction with traditional instruction have proved an extremely helpful and useful tool. They reinforce the correction and the availability of the "before" and "after" pictures and notes enhance the instructional value of the package. The age-old adage has never been more true: "A picture is worth a thousand words!"

Jean Wharton, Courtenay, BC

"Having e-lesson files on my home computer really helps as a reference tool when I'm not able to see my instructor for an extended time period. It also gives me increased confidence in what I'm being taught and my progress when I have visual confirmation from the e-lesson."

Dean Larson, Whistler, BC

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