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What can you expect from a BMGA Golf School?

Quality instruction, small groups and facilities designed with you in mind …

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced player you will benefit from our long and short game systems! All schools feature instruction by our certified Canadian PGA Teaching Professionals and a low 4:1 student to instructor ratio. You will learn proven BMGA techniques to immediately benefit your game, while enjoying a superb practice environment.

One size does not fit all …

Each of our golf schools begin with an individual meeting with your instructor. As a student you will be encouraged to articulate your golf goals, and, together with your instructor, you will build an action plan to ensure your specific objectives are met. Rather than asking students to conform to a particular swing model, our intent is to help you develop your best swing. Our instructors focus on educating you about the factors which influence the flight of the golf ball, specific to your individual tendencies. After meeting with your instructor, you’ll warm up at our private practice area and then learn new techniques to make your game the best it can be!

Reflect, Refuel, rehydrate …

At noon you’ll join your instructors and fellow students for a delicious lunch. This is a great opportunity to reflect on the morning session, ask questions and enjoy each others’ company while we prepare for a busy afternoon of more learning!

On-course learning …

After lunch, it’s time to prepare for on-course instruction. It is on the course where you and your instructor will focus on utilizing your strengths to further improve your consistency and overall enjoyment of your game. Knowledge is important; however, applied knowledge is the determining factor between success and frustration on the course!

Students’ choice …

Following instruction, you are welcome to continue on-course play, stay at the Academy to work on your technique, or you may choose to call it a day for golf and head off to explore or relax.

Your swing, follow up…

All of our golf schools include Video follow up through our "On-line Academy".

What is the On-line Academy?
Your instructor will take a high speed (up to 1000 fps) video of your golf swing. This video is edited with detailed graphics and an audio or text explanation, indicating your swing tendencies and corrections. You will receive a link via your email or smart phone to download free software. Once you register your software, it will create an account for you on Brent Morrison Golf Academy.

In this account (On-line locker) you will be able to view your lessons.
Students will also have the opportunity to purchase the premium version or mobile apps. This will allow you to send future swings to your Brent Morrison Golf Academy coach to ensure you stay on the right track!

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